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Three hour and a half hour workshops led by Hirshhorn Teaching Artists that encourage students to use works from the Hirshhorn Collection as inspiration for their own digital media creations. ARTLAB+ opens to all students at 3pm, so ARTLAB+ School Programs must take place between 10:00am – 2:00pm.  All workshops include a lunch break for students.

Inspired by the innovation of the animation industry, this workshop begins by asking students to think critically about the choice of animation as medium. Students then work in teams to create their own animated shorts inspired by the Hirshhorn Collection.

Multimedia Production
This workshop asks students to focus on close-looking.  Teams are sent into our galleries to take photos and videos of details in the artworks that capture various interpretations of a single word. Back in the ARTLAB teams use iMovie to create a montage of images, video clips and sound which combine into a multisensory poem or story inspired by their surroundings. 

Graphic Design
Focusing on the importance of collaboration in the creative process, students learn the basics of the design thinking and graphic design. Teams work together to apply these concepts to their own creation, a postcard that reflects their experience to the Hirshhorn.

Digital Collage
Students reflect on the intersections of art and social change while creating a unique character or superhero. Students bring their character to life using photography and photo editing tools to create a digital collage, and then share their superhero’s backstory, strengths, weakness and how he or she would have responded to a moment in history. 

Custom Workshops
Workshops are the most effective when they are designed in collaboration with teachers. If you’d like us to tailor a workshop to your class or if you have your own ideas for a workshop that combines art and technology, let us know! We look forward to working closely with teachers as we continue to build these programs.

To schedule a school workshop, please submit your request a month in advance. To discuss visits, workshops and collaboration opportunities please call 202.633.2822 or email hmsgeducation@si.edu.

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