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The Inaugural Season

The Hirshhorn in the World
The Seasonal Inflatable Structure will open with dynamic programs that demonstrate the Hirshhorn Museum’s engagement with contemporary art, society and culture on a national and international scale, and that create a new “cultural research think tank” in Washington and at the Smithsonian Institution. The programs will set the stage for subsequent seasons as well: a continuing series of collaborations with other widely recognized cultural, educational, civic, and government institutions; dialogues on issues of major social and cultural significance; and the ongoing involvement of creative leaders in the arts, science and technology, business, and civic life. Whenever possible, new creative work will be featured in these programs. The Museum’s educational programs will also be closely aligned with these seasonal offerings, enhancing the experiences of high school, university, and postgraduate students and faculty. The inaugural offerings below, as well as programs in subsequent seasons, will be shared with a worldwide audience via the Internet and social media.   

Opening Events
Special days will be set aside for visits from the Smithsonian’s Board of Regents, National Board, and staff, who will be welcomed to this important new institution-wide asset.
Welcome The Public
The Seasonal Inflatable Structure will dedicate a segment of its programming to the general public, including tours of the structure, overviews of current and future programs, and a continuing series of brief “benedictions” by presenters from various backgrounds and disciplines. The intervals between the major programs will include readings by prominent and emerging writers, film series and performances. 
The Inaugural Conference:  New Meanings and Applications of Cultural Dialogue and Diplomacy 
Presented in conjunction with the Council on Foreign Relations, this 3-day international event will explore examples of effective cultural diplomacy today; the potential economic impact of new approaches to cultural diplomacy; the various roles of artistic disciplines in furthering cultural diplomacy; the role of the media in promoting cultural diplomacy; and education as the key to cultural diplomacy, among other topics.  
Open Sources
The second major event of the inaugural season, “Open Sources” will be an experiential public forum that establishes a global dialogue about education, the arts, and interconnectivity across a broad range of disciplines. Participants and topics will be similarly wide-ranging, exploring the intersection between new modes of information exchange and approaches to education that reach beyond the walls of the museum and into the future.
C200 Conference on Women and Cultural Leadership
In conjunction with the Committee of 200, the global organization of the most powerful women in business, the Hirshhorn will engage in a vital discussion of the ever-growing roles of women in shaping cultural institutions and the related environment, today and tomorrow. Artists, entrepreneurs, business and cultural leaders, and patrons will come together in panels, lectures and one-on-one dialogues punctuated by performances and film screenings. Participants will represent varied backgrounds, pursuits and nationalities and will engage with an in-person and online audience.
In association with Damian Woetzel, director of arts programs for the Aspen Institute, the Hirshhorn will showcase performances by emerging artists of all ages and disciplines. Woetzel and the Hirshhorn will present a carefully curated group of top talent representing the next generation of major artists in all fields. These performances will be interspersed throughout the Inflatable Structure’s two-month-long season.
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