Gerco de Ruijter, Contact Sheet #2 (time), (detail), 2012
Current Exhibitions
Black Box: Gerco de Ruijter
Aug 12, 2013 to Jan 2, 2014
Black Box: Gerco de Ruijter

The Dutch landscape tradition continues to inspire invention. Known for remote aerial photography in which he pilots his camera with a kite or an elongated fishing rod, Gerco de Ruijter turns to the found imagery of Google Earth for his four-minute video Crops. Syncing more than a thousand vertical views of center-pivot irrigation plots in the American southwest to a stuttering, hypnotic score by Michel Banabila, de Ruijter creates a stop-motion animation of the cultivated landscape. Identifiable yet abstract–and devoid of a horizon line–the stills are unified by geometry but made distinct by the workings of both man and nature.