Dan Flavin, 'untitled,' 1974
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Meet the Artist: Jake Chapman
December 11, 2013
Jake Chapman. Nic Serpell-Rand Photography
The violent and controversial imagery in Jake and Dinos Chapman’s collaborations earned the brothers a place in Young British Artists showcases Brilliant! and SENSATION, as well as a Turner Prize nomination. Throughout their career, the Chapmans have repeatedly engaged with The Disasters of War, Goya’s suite of etchings depicting the atrocities of the Napoleonic Wars, rendering the horrific scenes as hobbyist miniatures, life-size sculptural tableaux, and wallpaper. For Injury to Insult to Injury, 2004, currently on view in Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950, they purchased a full edition of eighty etchings and “rectified” them by replacing victims’ heads with grotesque cartoons of the heads of monsters and insects. Jake Chapman discusses the theme of destruction in the brothers’ paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

Length: 1:03:58
Joyce Bedi on engineering in Alexander Calder’s work
November 8, 2013
Alexander Calder, Two Discs, 1965
Joyce Bedi, NMAH Senior Historian at the Lemelson Center for the Study of Invention and Innovation, on engineering in Alexander Calder’s work.

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Exhibition Tour: Damage Control
November 7, 2013
Still from Laurel Nakadate’s Greater New York, 2005. Courtesy Leslie Tonkonow Artworks + Projects, New York
Hirshhorn interim director Kerry Brougher, co-curator of Damage Control, conducts a tour of the exhibition.

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Panel Discussion: Damage Control Symposium
October 26, 2013
Damage Control Symposium: Destruction in Art. From left to right: Dario Gamboni, Monica Bonvicini, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, and Yoko Ono
Destruction in Art
This panel discussion with Yoko Ono and Raphael Montañez Ortiz, participants in the original 1966 Destruction in Art Symposium; artist Monica Bonvicini; and art historian Dario Gamboni will explore the ways in which artists have used destruction as a means of responding to cultural and social issues.

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Spectacle of Destruction
Moderated by Robert Rosen, former dean of the UCLA School of Theater, Film and Television, artists and scholars—including artist Ori Gersht; anthropologist Joe Masco, University of Chicago and Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; and Kevin Rozario, Smith College—investigate the impetus and implications of society’s fascination with destructive spectacle.

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Mark Cameron Boyd on Ellsworth Kelly’s Red, Yellow, Blue V
October 25, 2013
Ellsworth Kelly, Red Yellow Blue V, 1968
Hirshhorn conservation staff discuss challenges in the upkeep of outdoor sculpture.

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Hirshhorn conservation staff on outdoor sculptures
August 16, 2013
Hirshhorn conservation staff on outdoor sculptures
Hirshhorn conservation staff discuss challenges in the upkeep of outdoor sculpture.

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Meet the Artist: Barbara Kruger
December 13, 2012
Barbara Kruger, Belief+Doubt, 2012. © Barbara Kruger. Photo: Cathy Carver
Famous for her incisive photomontages, Barbara Kruger has focused increasingly over the past two decades on creating environments that immerse the viewer in language. At the Hirshhorn, Kruger recently completed Belief+Doubt, a site-specific installation that fills the museum’s lower-level lobby and bookstore. Using a bold color scheme and towering text, Belief+Doubt explores themes of money, power, and belief. Kruger will discuss her work, including Belief+Doubt, in conversation with assistant curator Melissa Ho.

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Evelyn Hankins discusses Gerhard Richter’s Sanctuary
November 9, 2012
Evelyn Hankins discusses Gerhard Richter’s 'Sanctuary'
Friday Gallery Talk: Associate Curator Evelyn Hankins discusses Gerhard Richter’s Sanctuary.

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Susan Lake on Willem de Kooning: The Artist’s Materials
November 17, 2010
Susan Lake on 'Willem de Kooning: The Artist’s Materials'
The idiosyncratic working methods of Willem de Kooning have long engendered speculation among conservators and art historians based on visual inspection and anecdotal accounts, rather than rigorous technical analysis. The Hirshhorn’s Chief Conservator, Dr. Susan Lake, separates fact from fiction in this discussion of the artist’s work and his exploitation of materials. She draws on her recently published book Willem de Kooning: The Artist’s Materials, the first systematic study of the painter’s creative process that uses comprehensive scientific examination of his pigments, binders, and supports to inform art historical interpretations.

Length: 49:25
Meet the Artist: John Gerrard
March 22, 2010
John Gerrard, “Grow Finish Unit (Eva, Oklahoma),” 2008
John Gerrard’s works hover between fact and fiction. They present actual scenes from desolate corners of America–including an oil derrick, a pig processing plant, and a vintage storm photo superimposed on a real farmscape–and unfold in real time, yet what looks as if it is streaming live is, in fact, a fabricated image. The artist discusses the complex process behind his stark, realistic works, which re-imagine landscape art and offer meditations on the impact of our habits of consumption.

John Gerrard's Grow Finish Unit (Eva, Oklahoma), 2008 is currently on view in the Out of the Ordinary exhibition on the Lower Level.

Length: 1:11:06
A Conversation with Two Sol LeWitt draftsmen
October 20, 2008
Sol LeWitt, 'Wall Drawing #356 BB Isometric figure within which are 3 degrees (7.5 cm) wide black lines in three directions. (Cube without a cube),' 2003
Curatorial research associate Ryan Hill talks with Sol LeWitt draftsmen Lacey Fekishazy and Roland Lusk about the process of installing a Sol Lewitt artwork.

Length: 18:45
Virtual tour of Dan Graham’s For Gordon Bunshaft
August 19, 2008
Dan Graham, 'For Gordon Bunshaft,' 2006/fabricated 2007-2008 (08.7)
Take a virtual tour of Dan Graham’s For Gordon Bunshaft in the Hirshhorn’s sculpture garden.

Virtual Tour | Length: 1:19
Al Miner discusses Dan Graham’s Sculpture Garden commission
June 6, 2008
Dan Graham, 'For Gordon Bunshaft,' 2006/fabricated 2007-2008 (08.7)
Curatorial assistant Al Miner discusses Dan Graham’s Sculpture Garden commission

Length: 12:55
Associate curator Evelyn Hankins on Alexander Calder
April 15, 2008
Alexander Calder, 'Form against Yellow (Yellow Panel),' 1936
Hirshhorn associate curator of modern art Evelyn Hankins discusses the work of Alexander Calder in this Friday Gallery Talk.

Length: 15:35
A Conversation with Yoko Ono
April 12, 2007
Yoko Ono, 'Wish Tree for Washington, DC,' 2007
Yoko Ono discusses her Wish Tree for Washington D.C. installation at the Hirshhorn with chief curator Kerry Brougher.

Length: 22:58